I feel everyone's frustration right now. Years of losing touch with good friends simply because they refuse to venture beyond walled gardens.

And now, every day, someone I haven't spoken in a long time joins either signal or telegram.

Progress, for sure! But frustrating

@yarmo as a lazy, not so up to date privacy minded reluctant user of what'sapp, my question is, what makes signal or telegram more trustworthy ? As I understand they are made by for-profit entities, they may not be doing evil today but companies motto do change (cf Google)

@gogor @yarmo Telegram isn't a candidate. Signal isn't either in my opinion (it's a non-profit, but that's about as open source as it gets). We should be recommending something like Matrix (as it's decentralised, and you can self-host if you chose to).

@neil @gogor I'd love to and have recommended to some. But first let's get them the fuck out of there. Telegram/signal is arguably an easier transition.

@yarmo @neil @gogor I look at it a different way: I have only limited capital to get them to move. So I should only move them once to a solution I believe in. I'm waiting on dendrite to come out of beta and then I will switch to Matrix, and try to convince others to switch with me.

@Matter @neil @gogor yes, i agree, but!

1- people who get the wrong first impression outside whatsapp will show more friction later

2- showing a first move can also incite them to explore more.

There's no one solution. Adapt to "target" :)


@yarmo @Matter @neil @gogor People are even showing friction to Signal and Telegram. Most of my friends have only used WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram as means of communication throughout their online life. Getting them to Matrix is even harder with the kinds of excuses they make for even Telegram and Signal.

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