Rewatching documentaries and rereading books does give different perspectives over time.

Should toy stores be designed to make children buy more?

Upcoming: Second meetup of Virtual Homebrew Website Club Indian Standard Time on 30 September 2020 (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm IST.


There is this bat that circles around my roof after 11pm. I walk around while listening to podcasts at that time on the roof. Initially, it scared the hell out of me. Now I just feel like I am the chosen one – the next Batman.

Of all the photos I have lost in the last 5-6 years and even from childhood, I only regret losing the one I got clicked with Piyush Chawla last year.

I can’t express how happy I am to see Saurabh Tiwary play for Mumbai Indians today! Reminds me of 2010 IPL where Saurabh was an integral part of the MI squad, and he performed so well too. He has been highly consistent for Jharkhand across all formats in domestic cricket. So happy that he is back in the main XI for MI.

The mere presence of one’s own smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity.

Day 011

Now that I am back home and my mother is in charge of the kitchen, I am forced to choose between options or just tell her what I want to eat. I am unable to determine or even come up with any specific dish I am craving for. I've lost the art of foodly desires :|


This is the time where I become one of the billion cricket experts living in India. Here are the first elevens that I am looking forward to see as Indian Premier League 2020 starts today.


> Research is creating new knowledge. Neil Armstrong

> Named must your fear be before banish it you can. Yoda

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