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Do you prefer a laptop or a desktop? I understand a laptop gives more mobility, but do you prefer mobility for your work?

Went out drinking last night. I couldn't stop talking about the possibility of losing An-225 Mriya. Got to know about this through texts this morning.

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When a neocities website works flawlessly with reader mode and a major publication doesn't.

I just realised I've been off most of the internet for about a year and it's kinda scary thinking about this now. Still had to use it for assignments and projects (but only when I actually tried to do them lmao). And songs of course.

Which streaming platforms do you use to consume movies and television shows?

Boosts are highly appreciated.

I will be on a for the first time today. Air India's ATR 72-600!

Playing GeoGuessr for the first time and the third place it shows me to guess is my university entrance gate! 😂

I love Fosstodon and being around all the people here, but I think I need to move to a new instance just for fun.

On the Yorkshire Buses is now my favourite television programme. You can't take this away from me!

All that money may not end poverty (or maybe it would), but at least using it we can make sure no one sleeps with an empty stomach.

🎵😭🎵 dreamy night by LilyPichu 💕💕💕

This laptop has served me so well over the years I don't even want to think about replacing it.

I drove a car with automatic transmission for the first time today. We bought it 5 weeks back but I hadn't given it a go yet. It was weird at start but driving around the city for an hour made it less weird. But it was definitely weird overall. I'd still prefer to drive the other car with manual transmission instead of this one. Or maybe I need to drive this new one more often to get the hang of it.

So I have been conducting a survey for my uni project and I asked people if they knew how to write in the Devanagari script (Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Dogri, Gujarati, Sindhi etc.) Also, if they knew some of the terms that describe the parts of the letter in the script. Turns out all 25 of them knew about chandrābindū (चंद्रबिंदु) while mostly all other terms in both Devanagari and Latin script were unknown to them. chandrābindū to the moon!

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