While you might despise Youtube suggestion algorythm at one time or another, occasionally some real gem are exposed. Youtube made me aware of the progressive rock band "Renaissance" from the 70th once again. I guess you'll have to be imprinted with this music during your teenage years to like it.
It you're open to it, this is a Spotify link to their album "Ashes are burning" from 1973.

Failure, big time.

First time in by "baking" career that I fucked up this bad. This will teach me to not rely on oil to stop the dough from sticking to the metal. In the past I always used proper baking paper. What came over me to think only oil would be enough? At least this can be an example on how NOT to do it.

I guess, we're pretty much done with summer. The first autumn feeling storm passed us during the night and day. I passed some more serious looking areas during my morning run were the strong wind did what it does best, pulling out brittle leaves and branches.

@bpepple Well, developed may be too strong word, but it still works.

At least the copyright notice still lists 2019.

About a year ago I started fiddling with minikube to get to know Kubernetes. And then roughly nearly a year nothing gets done.

Restarting today. Of course couldn't get it working as before. "minikube delete" didn't help. Solution: "rm -rf $HOME/.minikube $HOME/.kube". This provided a clean slate. And voila, "minikube start --driver docker" worked a expected.

Gkrellm as Linux system status monitor is still king of my hill. I tried to give Conky a new try while being in the process of getting to know the Awesome window manager and configuring to taste (still mostly on floating layout though). The Gkrellm CPU diagram displays system, user and nice times, while Conky does not differ between those. Similar for the network traffic for instance.

Hopefully, never dies.

Small victories, right? Pure rye pimped with 65g of 70% cocoa chocolate. You wouldn't think so, but that actually goes nicely together.

An incomplete selection of mobile computing devices of a family of 5 over a period of more than 20 years. I got the oldest cell phone, a Siemens C10 end of 1999 in preparation of expected Y2000 bugs in Unix server hardware and software. And these are not even all of them. Shown are: Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, Nexus 4 & 7, Sony Ericsson T630, Palm Zire 31, a Nokia and a Samsung I don't remember and a very compact Sony Xperia. All scheduled for recycling.

Some snaps from my 8.5k morning run. Ok, today's Saturday, so I'm out of order, but during this time of working from home I've come to appreciate starting the work day with a 7-9k run atleast 3 times during the working days. You're in such a nicely relaxed mind and body state. Unfortunately this state usually evaporates about halfway through the morning.

Birthday plum cake for my better half.

Could have been a notch more fluffy, but due to high summer temperature any times given in the recipe needed to be managed, since this is a cake and proofing times vary significantly with temperature. Anyway, first piece tasted according to plan: yummy.

Started the process on Wednesday by converting my normal rye starter to wheat in 2 refreshes.

@mryouse spotify-tui is great indeed as well. Tops every solution I tried in connection with Google Music including the two Electron based solutions.

@mryouse Yes unfortunately, you're correct. Experienced a couple of:

Caught panic with message: called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: ChannelError
Caught panic with message: called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: "SendError(..)"
Player thread panicked!

Couldn't yet deduce, whether it's dependent on audio backend, switch between pulseaudio and alsa. I'm going to see how it develops.

Well, Google Play/Youtube music no more. I made the switch back to Spotify today. I switched from Spotify to Google Play Music back in the day, since they offered a family plan, which Spotify did not at the time. I now was simply tired of so many niggling inconsistencies in the app and the web interface. Anyway, I'm impressed with the wealth of apps now available on Linux; my current favs being spotifyd and spotify-tui, both written in Rust.

@sjanes 馃憤I like it. I have one lying in the basement somewhere. Could not bring myself to throw it away.

@hrodnand Here is a link to a datasheet PDF from the seller here in Germany, I think I bought from. cdn-reichelt.de/documents/date
The size of the switch is 6x6mm with a height of 5mm. Here is a screenshot with producer/part number/EAN code highlighted.

And my Logitech is repaired once again. This time it was the button under the scroll wheel, which most of the time produced 2 clicks. The red/white thingy beside the black one is the original, defective. The mouse buttons were already replaced some time ago. Those infamous OMRON switches.

Owning a domain and running a web server on it?

Check out: internet.nl/ and enter your domain name.

I'm only at 52%. I can't do anything about DNSSEC or the service provider not running IPv6 for my site, but I guess I can improve a bit on security headers.

Heard about it on the "IPv6 Buzz" podcast, edpisode 53.

Got me a healthy dose of anti Covid anxiety medication this morning, going on a 9k run. Weather was magnificent, nice breeze, sun light near Golden Hour quality, just the right temperature for running.

Magnificent experience for the mind.

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