Got me a healthy dose of anti Covid anxiety medication this morning, going on a 9k run. Weather was magnificent, nice breeze, sun light near Golden Hour quality, just the right temperature for running.

Magnificent experience for the mind.

Due to Covid19, I'm behind in listening to my podcasts. Had I listened to "All About Android 473" earlier, I could have saved my rant. The three show hosts do a pretty good job describing the mess is.

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@normandc Well, I actually use Google Play Music quite a bit. I just want comfortable control over what I want to listen to. And I select an album for the current mood. When I tried out the free period of Deezer, by accident I added a 4 part EDM compilation consisting of 72 titles. I would have needed to delete from the queue one by one. No clear queue button, or similar. So, no Deezer for me.

@michalb Oh, I forgot. I wanted to ask, what those better switches are? I just went to Ebay and found switches identically named and ordered them. Could of cause be knock-offs.

@michalb Yes, I put new right button switches into my 2 M570 as well. It's the Logitech mouse of my wife, which awaits replacements now.

It appears, that has fucked up yet another perfectly good product (Play Music) with Youtube Music. To me it appears, that listening to whole albums is completely of of style. Must be my age, that I don't feel the UI. I listened to an interview of the head honcho of on a recent podcast episode of "All about Android" proclaiming their good intentions for the product. I personally can only say: failure, big time, mobile app being even worse than the Web interface.

@blucrunch @codeHaiku There is even a pretty hardcore fix (, which I tried, but helped only short term. Quite a bit fiddling required. Anyway, it appears as if this switch type (for Logitech) is the only one in the world.

And another Logitech mouse, whose OMRON switches have reached EOL.

The order is in! After a recent video by ChilliChump about chilli salt, I could not resist and ordered from him.

@kuleszdl Actually I visited the linux-meson some time in the past. At that time the "support" table was significantly less "ok" for the S805. Anyway after having studied the support table some more, I'm pretty sure I'm going to to order an Odroid C4 in the not too distant future. Pretty nice article about Debian/Devuan BTW.

Apparently I don't have to retire my . After message from @kuleszdl I looked a bit more and searched Archlinuxarm once again and found a 5.7.2 kernel. has more info. With the connected serialToUSB converter I could fix 2 issues. The device tree could not be loaded → "cp /boot/dtbs/meson8b-odroidc1.dtb /boot/dtbs/meson8b_odroidc.dtb" and in /boot/boot.ini → "setenv condev "console=ttyAML0,115200n8 earlycon"

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There are still some gaps for the S805, but nothing that will pose problems for my more server oriented setup. I would like to play with iSCSI on that board and then running the rootfs via iSCSI to see if that is feasible.

@kuleszdl Yes, you're right. I searched, but the best I could find was Armbian 5.4, however I'm particular to Arch. I hadn't looked at Archlinuxarm for some time now, but rechecking revealed a 5.7.2 linux-armv7-odroidc1. I guess I was too focused on the search expression "mainline". Anyway, thanks for the poke.

My trusty old . Have to retire the board though. Linux 3.10 is simply to old for any of the future topics I'm interested in.

He has been running for the last 5 to 6 years with only 2 sdhc cards. I changed the card just as a preventative measure halfway through. So, pretty solid performance.

Another blast from the past. The keyboard of my CPM system, so heavy you could do serious damage with it. Each key base contains a magnetically operated Reed switch, while the magnets were sitting in the moving part. The Z80 SBC with SIO, PIO and 2k EEPROM running the show. Keyboard matrix completely re-wired to fit existing scheme. The function keys were specially configured to produce Wordstar text processor sequences. Data via serial RS232 line.

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@WhoNeedszZz Apparently only Piri Piri. Looking at some of ChilliChump's videos he grows the most amazing stuff in his greenhouses.

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