And another Logitech mouse, whose OMRON switches have reached EOL.

The order is in! After a recent video by ChilliChump about chilli salt, I could not resist and ordered from him.

My trusty old . Have to retire the board though. Linux 3.10 is simply to old for any of the future topics I'm interested in.

He has been running for the last 5 to 6 years with only 2 sdhc cards. I changed the card just as a preventative measure halfway through. So, pretty solid performance.

Another blast from the past. The keyboard of my CPM system, so heavy you could do serious damage with it. Each key base contains a magnetically operated Reed switch, while the magnets were sitting in the moving part. The Z80 SBC with SIO, PIO and 2k EEPROM running the show. Keyboard matrix completely re-wired to fit existing scheme. The function keys were specially configured to produce Wordstar text processor sequences. Data via serial RS232 line.

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I bought this hot sauce from YouTuber ChilliChump beginning of this year. Today was the time to check it out. Wow, what a burner. I nearly reached my limit of hotness and it has only 11/2 points on ChilliChump's hotness scale (I have another sauce with 3 points, which will probably get me a heart attack). But it tasted so good, that I had to add more to my chicken breast piece multiple times.

And the new Pi-Hole 5 doing it's job.
All marked request are coming from the same Android tablet in the house hold, primarily used to mobile gaming. I've whitelisted some of the addresses at the moment to see whether that reduces the sheer amount of requests from that one tablet.

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The last Pi-Hole 4 requests ...

A dashboard snapshot of my Odroid C1 running pihole 4. I actually switched to pihole 5 on my Odroid C2 about a week ago (incl router reconfig). The Synology was still using the old pihole not having been rebooted. Mildly interesting, the last lone request coming from the new pihole server from NodeJS actually running NodeRed for the daily sunrise email.

Continuing my blast from the past. The floppy controller card of my system, which drove 2 5¼ inch drives. Later, when I had switched to an Atari ST520 I connected the floppy drives to the Atari. Some bucks needed to be saved. The chip was the WD2797, the best at the time I think.

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As I guess an appetizer in my order of the CC2531 they included this little beauty, a capacitive touch switch. This is really useful for potentially many Arduino/ESP8266 projects. Often better suited than a mechanical switch.

Here's a link from some random seller.

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Let the fun begin.
Fresh from the post box. CC2231 flashed with coordinator software (at least that's what I ordered) so that I should now be able to connect to Zigbee HW from MQTT (and in turn from Node-Red) via the zigbee2mqtt bridge.

Again, build about 35 years ago.
192Kb dynamic RAM card. Top-level 1Kb from CPU 64Kb bank is shared between all banks (for bank switching). Most of the CPM BIOS was running in this card. The roughly 160Kb remaining was used as a RAM floppy drive.

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Posting some pictures in the coming days from old computer tech I build roughly 35 years ago when 6502 and Z80 were the hotness (and to a lesser degree 8080, 8085 and 6800).

The core of my CPM 2.2 system. Z80 CPU, 64k memory, 4k EEPROM containing boot code and CPM BIOS moved into bank switched additional memory on a different card. Nominally running at 4MHz, however ran with 5MHz. Everything hand wired and soldered.

Ballroom dancing classes in times of Covid.

Each couple in their own box. With enough distance in between.

Styles reduced to Cha-Cha, Rumba, Salsa, kind of Slow Waltz, Jive, Disco Fox. If you manage, possibly a bit of Tango.

And no of the good ones like Slow Fox, Quickstep and Vienna Waltz.

I've been most thoroughly enjoying the recent re-streams on YouTube of concert recordings from the Tedesci Trucks band during this Corona time.
IMHO one of the best live bands on the scene today.

Now my home office life is perfect. Switching my keyboard/mouse between company laptop and private PC for 26€. Second try though. More cheapo first try failed completely.

XFCE4 (w. openbox), kitty terminal, Emacs (w. elfeed RSS reader), 2nd screen for entertainment (mpd, youtube) and most importantly gkrellm (can't live without it).

Comparison between Android app myWorkouts connected to el-cheapo BLE breast band (top half) vs. Honor Band 5 (bottom half).

Honor Band 5 is practically useless for higher intensity workouts (why is there a bump the first 15m). And the Huawei Health app is ok, but seriously, only export/sharing as pictures?

Is there any decent alternate app for fitness bands, that gives some form of exports (XML,JSON,CSV) without any cloud shit.

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