Well, Google Play/Youtube music no more. I made the switch back to Spotify today. I switched from Spotify to Google Play Music back in the day, since they offered a family plan, which Spotify did not at the time. I now was simply tired of so many niggling inconsistencies in the app and the web interface. Anyway, I'm impressed with the wealth of apps now available on Linux; my current favs being spotifyd and spotify-tui, both written in Rust.

@chairraver love Spotify. I enjoy spotifyd, but I find it crashes not-infrequently on my laptop (Manjaro ARM). have you had better luck?

@mryouse Yes unfortunately, you're correct. Experienced a couple of:

Caught panic with message: called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: ChannelError
Caught panic with message: called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: "SendError(..)"
Player thread panicked!

Couldn't yet deduce, whether it's dependent on audio backend, switch between pulseaudio and alsa. I'm going to see how it develops.

@chairraver yeah, same here. I haven't messed with the backend yet either. I'm hopeful, though, because when it works it's fantastic. spotify-tui looks great, too, but I haven't tried it out yet

@mryouse spotify-tui is great indeed as well. Tops every solution I tried in connection with Google Music including the two Electron based solutions.

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