It appears, that has fucked up yet another perfectly good product (Play Music) with Youtube Music. To me it appears, that listening to whole albums is completely of of style. Must be my age, that I don't feel the UI. I listened to an interview of the head honcho of on a recent podcast episode of "All about Android" proclaiming their good intentions for the product. I personally can only say: failure, big time, mobile app being even worse than the Web interface.

Due to Covid19, I'm behind in listening to my podcasts. Had I listened to "All About Android 473" earlier, I could have saved my rant. The three show hosts do a pretty good job describing the mess is.

I too am a dinosaur, although I don't purchase physical CDs anymore, I still buy whole albums. And I listen to them in the order they've been given by their author, no shuffle for me, not even skipping the weaker songs. But I choose what I purchase carefully, I usually find most albums worthy of a full listen. Unless my ears are not that discriminating. 😄

I'm not suprised by this move by Google. I stopped using Play Music last year, but in truth never used it much.

@normandc Well, I actually use Google Play Music quite a bit. I just want comfortable control over what I want to listen to. And I select an album for the current mood. When I tried out the free period of Deezer, by accident I added a 4 part EDM compilation consisting of 72 titles. I would have needed to delete from the queue one by one. No clear queue button, or similar. So, no Deezer for me.

@chairraver, I found I need two things from a music player: a “play next” queue, and when that’s done it should play an album at random. Not many do that, but I’m glad I found Quod Libet.

@chairraver It’s amazing to me how massive products like Spotify don’t really support listening to albums. Even some players I’ve used don’t really care about album art, which is very important in my opinion.

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