My trusty old . Have to retire the board though. Linux 3.10 is simply to old for any of the future topics I'm interested in.

He has been running for the last 5 to 6 years with only 2 sdhc cards. I changed the card just as a preventative measure halfway through. So, pretty solid performance.

@chairraver Why ditch it? Its S805 chip should be supported by Linux mainline, so there should be no need to run an outdated kernel 3.10 on it?


@kuleszdl Yes, you're right. I searched, but the best I could find was Armbian 5.4, however I'm particular to Arch. I hadn't looked at Archlinuxarm for some time now, but rechecking revealed a 5.7.2 linux-armv7-odroidc1. I guess I was too focused on the search expression "mainline". Anyway, thanks for the poke.

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