This morning I gathered the courage, to update the mainline kernels of my Odroid C2
and the Rock64 to 5.6.15, previously running 5.3.11 on Arm Arch Linux. On Arm this
always a touch more dicey than on X86. First there is no LTS kernel unless you are
using a distro with the original vendor supplied kernel version, which are somewhat old
and second, if there is problem you're in for a µSDHC swapping orgy between the Arm
board and your host system. Fortunately everything was smooth sailing. (1/2)

The Odroid C2 runs InfluxDB, MQTT, Node-Red and Pihole 5/Unbound in the future.
The Rock64 runs Wireguard VPN, Caddy, PostgresSQL, Nextcloud and TT-RSS.
And there is a Odroid C1 currently running Pihole 4 with local hack (3.10 kernel too
old for newer Pihole) and Unbound DNS resolver.Mut aufbringen (2/2).

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