Ballroom dancing classes in times of Covid.

Each couple in their own box. With enough distance in between.

Styles reduced to Cha-Cha, Rumba, Salsa, kind of Slow Waltz, Jive, Disco Fox. If you manage, possibly a bit of Tango.

And no of the good ones like Slow Fox, Quickstep and Vienna Waltz.

@chairraver I really miss dancing. I'm an officer of the local swing dancing club where I'm from and enjoy the dance scene. Unfortunately, social dancing won't be back for a long time still. 😢

@jiminycricket Well, let's see. The last real fancy event (ball gowns, suits, ties and so on) we wanted to go to was scheduled for end of March, canceled obviously.

That is now rescheduled for August, 28th. Wondering, if it's indeed happening.

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