LibreOffice Online is a cloud-based version of the suite that end users can access via a web browser. It uses the same underlying engine as the desktop app, so that documents look identical across the versions. -

Signal needs our help, they are only $3000 away from their funding goal of $100 000. Donation can be as low as $3

spec files contain large parts of boiler plate code. @opensuse & more are trying to help reduce this clutter. See what this means by watching this talk about "Re-Thinking Spec Files"...

We almost forgot #tcpdumpTueday! When replaying packets do you use tcpreplay, scapy or something else? For simple replays I use tcpreplay but for more advanced topics I am a scapy fan. #packets #tcpdump #infosec tweeted by @ubuntu_sec

This is pretty cool. - Download 437 Issues of Soviet Photo Magazine, the Soviet Union’s Historic Photography Journal (1926-1991) -

Happy Friday! It's Snapcraft Live day again! Grab a drink and bring your questions in about an hour over on YouTube. This week we'll have an electron tutorial and some time for Q&A. Join us!

SUSE supports migration from Leap to SLE, which gives system integrators developing on @opensuse Leap 15.1 the possibility of moving to an enterprise version should you need it when the time comes -

“Mass facial recognition is fine, I have nothing to hide.”


Face surveillance technology wrongfully identifies Sri Lankan Brown University student as one of the Easter terrorists, and officials include hers among images of suspects they release to the press.


Hey Fediverse! I have a question:

I want to collect analytics of traffic on my site.

I don't want to have that data in the hands of companies like Google.

I can't really justify the price of setting up a Piwik server right now.

What is an ethical way of doing this?

KDE Applications 19.04 is out! The bundle comes with improvements and exciting new features for Okular, Gwenview, Konsole, Kate, Spectacle, Kontact, and many, many more.


Full announcement:

New in 19.04: now get your KDE Applications goodness also from the Snap Store:

Listen to our CEO Todd Weaver talk about Purism, the background, and the history on how we got started - Bonus: Know Todd's thoughts on Apple's #privacy marketing #DemandFreedom

Hardware Updates for 2019! 🎉

Today we introduce Version 4 of the Librem laptop line — now with an updated CPU and graphics for all models and a 4k/HiDPI screen for the 15″ model.

Protect your digital life with strong #security and #privacy *and* do so on one of our beautiful, high-end laptops.

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