honestly feel sick right now, just learnt about the websites scihub, libgen, and b-ok which I heard can be used to access information free of charge! please make sure to stay away from these sites and make sure to tell your friends so they can stay away too :02_peek:

We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

Now that @jeremy_soller is on the fediverse, I need to start bothering him a lot to just release an Alice-like keyboard :P

@rafaelcaricio you can't just follow people and not post some keebs immediately after:P

I created a PR that supports the generation of JSON compilation database in projects that use the ++ brideging. Have a look:


Now it is poosible for me to work on a project that embeds @libreoffice C++ API with my setup through the

Another project to share: dbcli.com/

This is for everyone who prefers the over a GUI. The website lists clients for the CLI.

I personally use mycli mycli.net/ since some years. I used dbeaver.io/ before (for people that prefer GUI).

mycli has a nice autocompletion, configuration file and color support. You also can store favourite database queries. It also allows you to open the current query within vim :)

Dear Fedi, weird question, but has anyone done anything related to steganography on video files and can give me some good reading?

Hi thought I'd better introduce myself. I'm Justine I'm a marine electronics engineer to trade which basically means I install / repair anything on a vessel from satellite internet and sat TV to autopilots, radars, VHFs and navigational equipment. Other than that I've been a user since around 2000 and even worked on the distro LRs Linux that basically compiled from scratch according to the users hardware and was LFS based.

I literally think more often on how I wish GATs were stable in rust than I think about eating. That's it.

Your job is at least 90% removing roadblocks, and you can't do that if you don't know what the hell your developers are being blocked on.

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Business hot take: if you're a tech manager, you should be as least as technically competent as the average senior member of your team. It's ok (and recommended) to hire people better than you, but you need to keep up with them too.

Paul prayed to heavens for response, and this time, God replied, but His answer made Paul just more confused: "Monads are just monoids in the category of endofunctors, not sure what's so hard about that."

Also updated to the latest Fractal nightly (Matrix Client). I love jank, and don't care about it at all (specially on nightly builds), and am enjoying it. Seems to be the only matrix client atm trying to competently handle multiple accounts.

Spaces are great and all, but sometimes you need more than one account.

However, GTK4/libadwaita looks significantly worse :(
I miss GTK 1.2. It sucked, but I had much lower expectations.

Having been far away from the gnome world for a few years, I have to say: the responsive window experience in the default GNOME apps is really nice.

Helps with smaller screens a lot, even if you are not on a phone :)

If you are getting some weird inconsistencies with GNOME 42 + Arch (mine was not applying the dark mode to GTK4 apps), install `xdg-desktop-portal-gtk`, log out, log in again and it should be working, and even if it is not working, it's an actual dependency...

If you don't know yet about cheats.rs, you definitely should - this is super handy!

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