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This is one of the most spectacular sunsets I ever saw while working at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

The Atacama Desert is extremely dry, but clouds do show up sometimes. That day there were several dark clouds releasing very light rain that vaporised before reaching the ground. These wispy veils (called "virga") were lit by the golden sunset light, creating a lovely contrast with the blue sky above.

#astronomy #astrophotography

In 2001 with some colleagues, we convinced our employer to pay for a Linux administration certification course for us, Conectiva Linux; that years later joined Mandrake forming the Mandriva distro.

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I was working and studying electronics at the same time and had to do assignments in Assembly and C, I remember me hating C at that time.

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I've got some fuzzy memories about the first time I installed Linux on a PC, it was around 1999/2000 and I tried RedHat first then Slackware, the distros were included in the classic Linux Magazine, what a time!

My internet connection was just a 56K modem and I remember that I was investing all my time reading Linux docs, Lars Wirzenius' Linux administration guide, the developer and kernel guides, never learnt so much as in those times.

Software Engineering 

I want to share this super useful blog post here:
"Becoming a Better Writer as a Software Engineer"

Music opinion - Satriani 

I wonder if it's the digital sound what makes me feel like that or the fact that the melodies and the sound aren't as groundbreaking to me anymore :blobfoxdisapprove as when I was a teenager.

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Music opinion - Satriani 

The 2 first albums are the best ones, from FIABD, FIABD is just flying as the title says, sublime! Satriani singing is just meh.
From the extremist album, there are only a couple of tracks I like.
The other albums after that are just a dry emptiness to me, dunno why I can't feel anything with them :blobcatheadphones:

FOSS game: Space Invaders -- terminal ascii version:

Using Godot for desktop apps development is not a bad idea at all, I was using Go+GTK last year and it was better than using Python/GTK IMO, but I've also tried Godot for a basic game before and it should definitely be far better. I'll try to migrate my personal apps and see how it goes.

I need an android app for a personal project so started getting into it, it doesn't feel as horrible with Kotlin, last time I was experimenting with Android apps Java was the only way and it was so awful that I gave up after a couple of days, Android studio continues to be a memory hog as all the Java apps that I've used in my life though 🤣

Deploying to GCP should run faster 🥱
And it's not that installing Python deps would be slow, updating a running service takes a lot, even if it doesn't have any load.

To be honest, I haven't found in other programming languages something as good as SQLAlchemy.

Is anyone using docker on ?
Do you need a VM to run it?
If so is it as bad as in macOS? I don't have good memories of running docker in mac it used to consume a lot of resources.

It'll be released in October though, that's quite a big improvement.

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I've been reading about what is happening to the contributions of Russian developers on Github OSS projects and how that has been affecting several projects, that's quite worrying, to be honest.

I wonder how many npm packages are just a file with a sole function definition of no more than 3 lines, what a waste, browsing npm packages it's burning my eyes.

I can't believe that JS doesn't have a synchronous sleep function.

In the JS world, you have JSON Schema spec which can help but it's quite basic in regards to the level of things you can specify to validate, i.e. there's no way to specify that a date has to belong to a certain time range, that's something you'd need to implement in the validator side, and that's something you can do easily in Python with Marshmallow or Pydantic, but obviously with these libs, there's no common convention nor common spec.

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