@thezerobit I'm using starlette + pydantic since before fastapi appeared, personally never needed that layer of abstraction and things are far simpler without it IME.

Under very specific circumstances, 14 can cause silent index corruption. Affected versions are PostgreSQL 14.0 through 14.3.

PostgreSQL 14.4 is expected to be released soon, so you might want to update yours ASAP 😉

A bit more info about this bug

@gabek @pete Hi there, in your case I would continue using other platforms for searching events if you don't find that here, don't think that going so radical discarding other options would help in anything TBH. That's what freedom is about.

Chromebooks foisted on students? Teachers monitoring what children do outside of the classroom via nonfree software? Surveillance of children is common, and it's at your child's school, too. Support #FreeSoftware u.fsf.org/32h

On Sol 414 the Ingenuity mars helicopter scouted the crash site of the parachute and backshell that brought it and the rover safely through the atmosphere before it was jettisoned and crashed on the surface.
Interactive version on Sketchfab: skfb.ly/ouWG7

Your data's auctioned off up to 987 times a day

The average American has their personal information shared in an online ad bidding war 747 times a day. For the average EU citizen, that number is 376 times a day. In one year, 178 trillion instances of the same bidding war happen online in the US and EU.

The RTB industry (real time bidding) was worth more than $117 billion last year.

Google offers RTB data to 4,698 companies in just the US. Other large advertising networks include Xandr (Microsoft). Verizon, PubMatic and more.

#Privacy #RTB #SurveillanceMarketing #SurveillanceCapitalism #Microsoft #Google #Amazon #Facebook #GDPR


I understand the aversion against using Jira, but why bitbucket is so underrated? I haven't use it in ages maybe I'm missing something?

@thewk dunno if a staging env would be too much for your use case but I would test with something like that before applying changes in the actual server.

Got an email from Gideon's Logic saying that the first assembled Ultimate-64 boards from the factory passed testing and he'll be sending out units over the coming weeks. Now is probably a great time to order if you want in on this batch. I'm looking forward to having a working C64 again.

#C64 #Commodore64 #ultimate64

@atomicpoet @dl2jml omg, why does Google hires people like that guy? Shame on him and Google.
People like him make me lose my faith in humanity.

@tulpa I was there, my kids were always complaining about the noise as my home office is next to their room, so had to move back to Logi Ergo. :/

Bird site meme 

I mean an absurd platform full of bots just to manipulate public opinion.

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Bird site meme 

This, I hope that this never happens in the fediverse.

atari 2600 experience report 

@thezerobit I had to wait with my brother for our turn while my sister was playing frogger, we didn't have cartridges at that time so had to wait a lot for the tape to load the games XD

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