Using Godot for desktop apps development is not a bad idea at all, I was using Go+GTK last year and it was better than using Python/GTK IMO, but I've also tried Godot for a basic game before and it should definitely be far better. I'll try to migrate my personal apps and see how it goes.

@cespinoza It's an interesting idea to leverage game engine for desktop application development, but it become a problem when you need a fallback mode when platform that software is running on doesn't have a GPU. It probably could be solved if Godot fully support Vulkan and allow Swiftshader as fallback. (Basically CPU based Vulkan libraries.)

@LinuxLegend My workstation does have a very basic integrated graphics chip and it wasn't an issue when using Godot 🙂

@cespinoza That would do fine for GUI application. Only thing I would keep in mind is try to minimize amount of redrawing for various elements and that would better conserve graphic processing.

The only big wall I can see with Godot is the lack of international language support for keyboard input as well as input method support, but that only if you are publishing your application to the public where this issue might arise.


@cespinoza Also keep us posted on how it went for application development. :ablobcatheart:

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