@ghil I would write LaTeX on Overleaf and use Kate for scribbling some notes.

@xerz Oh TIL, first time hearing about that acronym.

@xerz They probably see Federated Network as a threat and wanted to act early to put a stop on it. They are trying to come up with some shenanigan to limit/remove ad blocker like UBlock Origin:


I think it's a good thing that corporation are now reacting, that means the alternatives are becoming a threat to them. :)

@xerz Yeah, but there are still a number of mastodon client apps available on F-Droid. search.f-droid.org/?q=mastodon

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@orekix Adding to that, government need to stop letting the parent off easy and charge them for the crime completely and throw their bum in jail.

@davidrevoy Really adoring the style of this artwork! Wonderful work David!

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@xerz Yeah, I felt the same way with docker/flatpak, when you DO want to define the permission and boundary, it become a tall order of a task to do so. Here hoping we see some improvement toward permission control for those one day.

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