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Is there a phone I can buy later this year that...

1. is vanilla, or close to vanilla Android,
2. has a headphone jack (the absolute state of things)
3. is available in India
4. will receive _at least_ three years of security updates
5. costs less than 500 USD

A decentralized package registry: Is there a solution that allows for decentralization in the package registry space? Is it a good idea, at all?

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what do you think about they require you to prove that you own the domain name to remove the content they archived. but they didn't ask your permission before doing so. how can you prove that for a domain registered ten years ago (think about whois privacy)? their bots don't even respect robots.txt files so you can't stop them from archiving your personal site.

I could send something like $2 to you if approved and merged.

Why not more? Third world magic... the exchange rate is horrible, and I don't make my money at typical US market developer levels. πŸ™ƒ

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"Man Not Sure He's Dynamic Enough To Work At Local Marketing Firm"

@uglyduck Hello.

I already follow your blog (and I thought your fedi account too).

Did you move your fedi accounts, or perhaps, I never knew of your fedi account and had never followed it? πŸ€”

I think I’m slowly coming to the realization that I don’t like much of the stuff I thought I would…?

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I don't know about you, but I feel that as a programmer there's more and more stuff I have to know about every year. Sometimes I'm more blocked by everything surrounding code (the containers, the vpn, the whatever thing this is i had never heard about before, the config of who knows what) than the code itself and what i'm trying to solve there. It's exhausting.

Just followed a few people through @garritfra's @BirdsiteLIVE instance. Let's see how this goes over a week or so
Some pretty cool stuff @NicolasConstant 😯

rootless docker, forum post 

Alright I made a forum post about this. Feel free to weigh in if this interests you. πŸ˜…

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Is anyone already using for their day to day? How has your experience been?

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i am so in awe of everybody who keeps maintaining the FLOSS code I rely on every day. Sometimes I just read their changelogs and marvel

rootless docker, follow up question 

If I have two users, test1 and test2, and I install rootless docker for both of them, each with their own docker unix socket... but point their root data paths to the same directory, owned by a shared group and therefore accessible to both dockers... what happens?

I'm trying this now, but let me know if you already know πŸ˜…

Oh lord noooooo. Docker's going to throw all the images, containers, volumes into my home directory now. πŸ”₯

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Switching to rootless on my laptop. Install was surprisingly easy. 😯

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@celia These topics, imho, should, as you say, be behind a content warning as they will probably trigger a discussion that can escalate pretty quickly

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@celia exactly, that's the point. I tooted (is this a word?) about this and put it inside a CW even though my toot was only about a decision I took. Better to be safe (you and everybody) than sorry

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