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@celia oh then you would like this as well , sure node does have a bad reputation as being

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TIL switching tabs or refreshing the page doesn't make time go by faster.

Actually, I still haven't learned that 😉

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The origin of the word “passion” is a latin root meaning “suffering,” so I guess, yeah, in that case I’m in tech for the ✨passion ✨.

Anti-bitcoin-because-environment people, I hear you. I even identify with you.

But, I'm curious.

What *should* be the future of ?

Me: yarn add xyz
yarn: 244 new dependencies added
Me: yarn remove xyz

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To an extent, regulation can affect this too over time. Maybe one country decides they want to add (or remove) an extra digit because reasons (unlikely and infrequent, but you know, edge cases).

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Every country seems to have a different number of digits for the actual phone number, different style of writing, different length of country code (1, 2, or 3 digits), and optionally featuring an extension code too.

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Is there a comprehensive guide on validating phone inputs gracefully in an input field (for all the countries in the world)?

Read a post by Asko Nõmm ("I don't want to do front-end anymore") this morning, and I know something about it is going to stick with me all day. If not longer.:

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sex is great, but have you ever

<script type="module"></script>

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Something weird happens when you're put in the spotlight but no one cares. I wrote a new blog post where I overshare and, as usual, overthink:

Is HTTP Basic enough to protect a personal website I'd want to keep off the public eye?

It's just HTML and CSS. No JS. I might go ahead and disallow *any* JavaScript at all using a CSP too.

Do these two measures go far enough?

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If there is one mistake I've made on my tech journey these past few years, particularly after a career in WordPress, it is to assume that free software communities are "better" than other software. The amount of toxicity and exclusion I've seen in FOSS often far surpasses even the worst corporate players.

I'm pretty happy with all the background work that's been happening in getting my site to depend on fewer moving parts & external dependencies. Here's some more updates!:

Mostly just curious to see what the setup would look like.

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