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If there is one mistake I've made on my tech journey these past few years, particularly after a career in WordPress, it is to assume that free software communities are "better" than other software. The amount of toxicity and exclusion I've seen in FOSS often far surpasses even the worst corporate players.

I'm pretty happy with all the background work that's been happening in getting my site to depend on fewer moving parts & external dependencies. Here's some more updates!:

Mostly just curious to see what the setup would look like.

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support look really decent right now across the board -- is it worth cutting the bundler out at this stage (for a personal website)?

For context, a PHP website (with server-side scripts as well) I wrote a decade ago still works flawlessly with the PHP5 binary. Can bash offer a similar longevity?

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How stable are scripts in general?

I'm trying to understand if the ones I'm writing today would still be able to run ten years later.

Is anyone here using as a daily driver? Maybe on their ? I'm wondering if I should use my spare Pi as a computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Not sure what the point would be, it just sounds cool πŸ˜‚

I love how you folks ( @specter @bhavin192 ) are using like it's the default and no big deal, even though it doesn't render as such in the UI.

Amazing this happens to be a coincidence too that two people did the same thing! 😊

My progress on... making sense of Gitea, and continuing to move out of the GitHub ecosystem.:

Oh, setting the domain match detection to "Host" might do the trick.

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Is there a way to get to behave well with localhost entries? On all localhost sites, I see all other localhost sites' entries for auto-fill. It does not distinguish between ports.

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We're all one of today's lucky "Ten Thousand" at some point, and likely will be many more times in the future.

Each of us take turns filling up on things that "most" people seem to know, for I have yet to meet one who knows all those "most people" things! (non-overlapping subsets etc etc).

Be kind to today's lucky Ten Thousand! β™₯️

(H/T @celia)

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okay, so like when everyone has their own git instance, how does collaboration work then?

also, mailing lists, how where to they come from? do people self host or what?

Kev Quirk recently tried and decided it was not for him. This reminded me it's been a while I used it at all. So what am I using now?:

Sadly, I'm temporarily disabling a few neat tools in favor of faster builds. Can't wait for Eleventy 1.0 to release with incremental builds.:

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Disillusioned from static sites. What's a "traditional" architecture based, hack-able, blog-ready software I can experiment with?

Must be capable of parsing Markdown at a minimum as my content store (markdown files) is not going to change.

Maybe it's too much to ask for, but... πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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