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Gmail is down apparently. Hahahaha.


Sometimes I want to use because it has superior touch gestures that make using a computer enjoyable.

Is there a wrapper with a cohesive API?

Imaging using a) rm, b) -d/-D, and c) remove for the same idea across different commands.

It's just so confusing all the time.

...and I removed it. Seems quite pointless putting up my personal goal there. 🤷‍♀️

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Don't mind the goal - it's what I have input as my personal goal to quit and work full time on open-source stuff -- just being one of that.

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Welp... looks like I ruined this. Much of the data the middleware generates *is* session-specific, not app-specific. I need to plug into the session of the importing app...

How does work? Presumably it too requires a session to work, right?

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Ooh, #Signal 5.0 is out. Group Calls, phone number privacy and other cool stuff up for grabs. Now it's almost on privacy feature parity with #Telegram, plus end to end everywhere.

Coming to the second bit...

Where and how should I make my generated data available to the main app developer?

As far as I know, for example populates req.user (I'm unsure!).

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Or lastly, set up my own session that connects to one of Mongo/Redis and so on?

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I'm conflicted on both points.

Where do I store this internal state? Is it wise to take up an object on the Express req object -- such as req.modulename = {};?

Or should I ask for the module user to ensure they have session set and use that (if this is possible)?

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1. Have internal state/data
2. Set some data *somewhere* such that when the sub-app's API endpoints finish, they are available to the main Express app developer to use.

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I'm building an "sub" app that will be usable by anyone at all. It asks for certain data, takes up certain routes, and needs to do two things...

So apparently Microsoft is rejecting all emails originating from servers and refusing to explain why.

How do people manage 50+ or 100+ tabs on a web browser on their laptop?

I have 100+ tabs open on Firefox on my phone, yes, but barely ever open more than 20 on my laptop.

Am I missing out on something? Not interneting properly maybe? 🤔

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