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Things are more complicated with something like Vue/Svelte which forces us to duplicate state of truths for things like media queries. Hmm...

More reading to do. Pretty sure there's wisdom on this workflow. 😅

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After getting comfortable with standards-based with PostCSS, feels super clunky and quirky now. 🤔

vent, -ve? 

Ughhhh. I'm trying to go more into and a FOSS todo list app.

Seems like the recommended way here is to use and connect with (which is already set up on my phone).

That Tasks needs name-your-price is great, but this ( kind of support is not acceptable for me to switch over from my existing tool. 😭😭😭

I mean, not even reminders!?!?

So, classic (v1) doesn't have an npx equivalent. Yet another reason I prefer to stick with .

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@celia a vpn for all your internet traffic. Make it look like you never left your house 🤣

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@celia wooo it's amazing, congra Ru, as always I said pretty nice people around here! 👍 :linus:

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Life rant 

Everytime I open LinkedIn, I come off worse. I don't even look at the timeline to avoid the "wisdom" and shitposts and forwards and congratulatory posts. Sometimes LinkedIn shows reminders to congratulate people for their promotion / current positions and just glancing at how everyone is doing in their life gives me existential crisis.

I've tried and it caused more issues than it solved for the household. I'm not into , which sounds great but it's not something I'm going to keep running on it for a long time.

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Okay, so I've got a 4 with 4GB of memory. Since switching to a VPS for self-hosting, I'm now confused what to use it for.

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I'm grateful for the headspace this gives us to fight for abolition, enfranchisement, health, housing, and access.

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You know those movies, where someone sweatily tries to defuse a bomb, with a ticking timer right next to it... and then manages to do it the very second before it goes off?

Yeah, I've just entered a one-time auth token 😅

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It’s good that you do not use Facebook but remember this..

Even when you have not opened it but you are ‘logged in’ on your browser, Facebook wil still track you on all websites that you go where the ‘Facebook 1 pixel tracking’ is installed.

That way Facebook knows what you do on the web even when you ‘are not using it’.

If you ask me, please delete #Facebook ASAP.

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When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and a lockdown in India was announced, I couldn't even drive myself to the airport or go home.

Now my next major life goal is to buy a car, potentially second-hand.

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The economy sucks. You cannot change my mind, sorry.

We got some furniture rented, they delivered it in 10ish days (!!!) and require another 3 days to "install" the bed. Unnecessary hotel and food bills in the meantime.

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Here's the really bitter pill we need to swallow to start moving past monopolistic capitalism: there is no replacement for Amazon, Github, Twitch, and Google. Period.

Their ease and usability are the result of monopolistic privilege.

The things they do are technically, logistically impossible without a trillion dollar mega-corp doing them. For the average use-case, your QoL will drop, significantly, moving to a smaller or self-hosted solution.

You need to accept that, and do it anyway.

I have a PDF file of around 7-9 pages. I'd like to lower the quality and resolution of each page and get a new PDF.

How should I be doing this? 🤔

The new update is nice. Things actually feel noticeably faster!

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