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Lovely to see more finish on the UI than just a couple of months ago, and the new logo is really sweet!

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Guess who's *finally* on , a hosted instance. 🥳

This girl!

Find me:

@plausible on yesterday, so cool! Just catching up on the hour-long session.

If you're interested, you can watch Uku deliver his talk here:

@navitux @spectral_shadow @chrisburnell @tychi Why : FOSS, free hosted plan to get started with, apps for all 3 of Win/Mac/Linux + mobile.

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Is there an alternative to that we could easily set up and use? comes to mind but idk how easy that is to set up + how/if we should split the hosting cost. Could I put it on my existing VPS maybe?!

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It would be like mirroring the current work situation of many companies.

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So we have more than 1 person interested in this!

I think it would be really cool to set up a Slack team and have everyone come over from different timezones and work on something together. Beautiful!

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I just published my redesigned blog! Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm happy about any feedback!

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So you can't have a poll *and* attachments in the same toot (today I learnt).

Here's a before/after. Should I kill the emojis? (poll in next post)


1. I feel they detract from the text too much. It's just 5 words. Butting in 5 emojis is kind of overkill. Looks cute, but overkill. :(
2. There's a noticeable lag while the emoji switches to Twitter's emojis. That in an area that's always in the viewport! Bad!

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Seems like my Miniflux is being blocked from adding Hacker News' RSS feed?!

Firefox is able to access and download the RSS feed. cURL is not allowed.


Ughhhhhhh. Making sense of the this operator is one thing in theory, but how do you memorize all the nuances and *use* them to your *advantage*?!

@garritfra your blog doesn't appear to have an RSS/Atom feed? is that intentional?

Would anyone like to study with me, and maybe build a full fledged application together? 🤷‍♀️

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