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Why isn't stuff like this tackled yet in the UI -- some easy way to select from installed apps? I don't want to "waste" my time with something simple like this. 😭

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Spent 15 minutes figuring out how to add a flatpak app to startup applications.

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The #OpenSalary hashtag now has community unanimity (2 persons 😄)! Use it to share your work conditions, compensation and what you’re up to as a tech or non-tech worker.

Two examples to start:

Thanks to @duponin and @viv.

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community, need a bit of help!

I started with and am trying to stub It works within the block, but not for another method invoked from within the block.


I just recommended to a friend & realized she would never use it without easy-to-use photo hosting to go with it. It seems is closed source and so cannot be self-hosted along with 😢

I think I'll continue work on the UI whenever I do pick the project back up.

And there's a special -- and pretty damn awesome, might I add -- surprise that @andya has worked on which I can't wait to show you all! 😍

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I have taken a conscious break from because, honestly, I'm fatigued by and to some extent too.

Didn't think my next article would be out so soon, but here's one on or on the web and why blindly adding plugins to your site is not a good idea. 🙃

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Adam Argyle and Oriol Brufau wrote about how to do custom bullets with CSS ::marker.

Yay! Now it's a *proper* command line utility. Easier to install and use. No git knowledge -- just required to be installed in your shell! 🤩

Check out the new usage instructions:

Working on making this a ... interesting that has a ready-to-go setup for exactly this with `bundle gem name`.

It's pretty...opinionated, so, to be continued.

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Privilege to Innovate by @akshay

They say Indians aren’t innovative in the tech space. Ever wondered why?

New article on my move from feeds to feeds for better .

I consider this to be interesting and hope you do too! Competing web and all. 😉

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"How are you?" seems to count as a greeting in English but I reject this. If I ask that, it's because I care, and not to just say hi. 😔

I had been wanting to write this for literally MONTHS, but kept procrastinating because a full-blown UI was too much to take on.

Now it's here as a very basic implementation that *does* work -- first and foremost.

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Just spent the last couple of days working on my first command-line utility. Written in , for . 😊

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