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Sorry about the state of development docs yesterday.

I've improved them a lot today + set up an example server (which was up since the beginning but not since I moved the setup to Docker)

Here you go:


Does anyone know how to configure on a production server to not use eval() calls? I have set a Content Policy and do not want to allow insecure content.

Uploading to Heroku at 10 KB/s...

This will take a while.

is difficult and confusing. I can imagine the fright of an average user landing on a login page and wondering what to do or what's a good way to get set up.

Here's a preliminary login page that's supposed to help close the gap.

The easiest toot you'll interact with today.

Pick a name for my Micropub client. Includes a suggestion by @kev. 😉

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Still a little unsure what my client should be named.

I want to make it publicly visible this week and continue developing it in the open.

It's at a stage where I'm a little more comfortable having people take a look at the code.

This is only a great news if they slash their prices by the 20% they're going to save. They can't use the import duty excuse for their incredibly high prices anymore.

The style prefix seems to be reserved for things like missing semi-colon, formatting etc.

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Reading more about conventional commits...

A design update would be considered a feature, I think?

But a feature requires a minor version upgrade. What if it's a minor design change? Do we still bump the minor version?

returns "Asia/Kolkata" which is great and matches up with the library I am using on the server side.

, Firefox and the lib all follow the same spec, but end up with different results.


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As a developer, it pains me to see that I cannot expect a standard response from the Intl.DateTimeFormat object.

This is just one timezone - how do I plan for all the other backward compats?

API was supposed to help, not make things worse. :(

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Chrome returns my as "Asia/Calcutta." So I went and checked the IANA database at

"Asia/Kolkata" is the correct tz. "Asia/Calcutta" is for backwards compatibility, and clearly stated as such in the db.

If you use a client (or have in the past), what do you feel is lacking?

I shouldn't excuse the horribly confusing date... but I'm definitely going to try this out. I wonder what's a commit message for a work in progress feature?

I don't have a CS background, nor am I the best when it comes to data structures and algorithms.

I am not making it up when I say this...

I have often wondered if I should give up as a front-end developer and pivot to code + design + UX instead. Which is what a "UI and UX developer" does, I think...?

Is an certification worth it for an entry to mid level frontend developer?

I might be wrong, but I didn't think I'd ever be opening an issue on a (recommended) spec. 🎉

Type assertions are pretty cool.

A variable may be any of five types based on its definitions, for example. Based on what you expect it to be, you tell TypeScript to proceed as if it's *this one* from the five.

Now if I could make sense of type guards...

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