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Written a bit more about one half of my experience, in short, with .

I am now writing my on 😁

If you are subscribed to my feed, you will see both my articles and thoughts on there.

That said, of course I'm going to get it done - just seems like it'll take a bit of time.

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Not quite happy with the in the context of sites. Well, more than IndieWeb itself, it's the state of tooling around it. Working on adding a category to my blog but faced with bigger structural changes than I'd like.

So... I've recently started participating in the June . Not going as well as I had hoped, so far. It's eye-opening how awful I am at some of these . Conversely, it's giving me an opportunity to realize where I stand, practice, and get better.

So I went and made a fresh installation of 20.04 and it's so much faster already! My previous installation was an from 19.10 to 20.04 - is that it, then? Either way, really enjoying it now.

users, do you use full disk ? Is your OS and apps or ?

I've refreshed my Firefox, pretty much banished containers, and it seems to be a little faster. But honestly, Chrome just renders pages so fast it's... how do they do that and Firefox can't (or won't)?!

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Is it just me or has become sluggish again?

Reading up on and in . Took a screening test or two and not happy with my results. 😞

You can add a LICENSE to your project using their web UI at any point, not just during the repository creation.

Here's how -

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"To keep myself motivated to write, I am now using a paid analytics service. Here's how I ended up with Plausible Analytics and how I feel about a month in"

Thanks @celia for a great post and perspective!

Just published what I expect could be a controversial on my .

To keep myself , I am now using a service. Here's how I ended up with and how I feel about a month in.

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Tor Browser 9.5 allows website publishers to advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding HTTP headers. When Onion Location is enabled, Tor users will be prompted to opt-in to upgrade to the onion service.

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Still trying to deal with my obsession of wanting to write absolutely perfect articles. If anyone has any tips, please let me know separately! :)

Lately been trying with a friend on the Team plan with a 1000-block limit (free unlimited trial). Actually very impressed!

It's , has a pretty UI, & is easy to use. Would I switch completely to Notion? Hmm... that's a difficult one.

I'd probably still use a mix of Notion for managing my life and free tier for journaling.

Notion does have an policy. I'm not *too* stressed about getting locked in. Still, I wonder how usable this exported data would be.

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