Anyone has recommendations for a client to go with ? and both error out.

Written a bit more about one half of my experience, in short, with .

Not quite happy with the in the context of sites. Well, more than IndieWeb itself, it's the state of tooling around it. Working on adding a category to my blog but faced with bigger structural changes than I'd like.

@kev Hi Kev, I have just published a response to your blogpost on my site and sent a webmention. Just wondering what you have to do next?

I've certainly hit my limit with . I quikly realized that the for likes/replies etc. is just not there yet.

My usage of IndieWeb will be limited to syndicating my original notes to Fosstodon and Twitter, and receiving top-level comments on my blog and notes through other IndieWeb sites, Fosstodon, and Twitter.

Essentially: barring posting of original content (which will POSSE from my site), I'm going to stick with the respective web interfaces. Blog post…

I'm surprised this issue hasn't been raised before given how much the service is recommended in the community, but hopefully aaronpk is able to take a look when they can and have a fix pushed, if necessary.

Link to the issue on GitHub:

Perhaps anyone else knowledgeable about , , can have a go as well. (

feels like a beta product for sure. I have opened two issues today on two separate services, and have noticed different behaviours on two services for parsing outgoing webmentions. Now I find myself on the W3 Latest Published spec for Webmention to see which one is spec compliant...

On my site, I now comply with h-card, h-entry, and have also added support for receiving and sending anywhere from the moving forward, as well as receiving responses from Fosstodon. Well, assuming I have configured all of this correctly...

I'll also be working on a notes collection for small-form content as well as responding to entries on others' IndieWeb enabled sites, but I'm trying to work out the deets, still.


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