ngl, this unnamed company is starting to get on my bad side.

I wanted to change my email because I'm dropping Gmail from everywhere, slowly, and heard this gem back from them to my email (and I expected this tbh)

wordpress help 

I had put a semi-automated backup process in place yesterday.

Today's goal was to restore the backup locally and satisfy myself against the saying "you don't have backups unless you've tested restoring from them."

Which brings me to... the fact that the emojis render as "?" everywhere.

database export was made using `wp db export` if that helps?

What's wrong? How can I fix this?

This is nice - now shows when a module has type definitions available. Can't recall seeing it anywhere before.

Where do I store interfaces and enumerators such as ones in the picture? They are specific to a component, or more broadly, a module.

Decided to finally give in and make a todo list app in .

Struggling with the concept of "layouts" at the moment. Maybe I'm approaching this all wrong!

I love how you folks ( @specter @bhavin192 ) are using like it's the default and no big deal, even though it doesn't render as such in the UI.

Amazing this happens to be a coincidence too that two people did the same thing! 😊

Migrate projects. Disable issues and projects. Add a note in the readme about the migration, and at least one project is off now. 😁 🚀

Old link:

Do you want to lose customers?

Because this is exactly how you lose customers.

So you can't have a poll *and* attachments in the same toot (today I learnt).

Here's a before/after. Should I kill the emojis? (poll in next post)


1. I feel they detract from the text too much. It's just 5 words. Butting in 5 emojis is kind of overkill. Looks cute, but overkill. :(
2. There's a noticeable lag while the emoji switches to Twitter's emojis. That in an area that's always in the viewport! Bad!

Seems like my Miniflux is being blocked from adding Hacker News' RSS feed?!

Firefox is able to access and download the RSS feed. cURL is not allowed.

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