Any / developer on the fedi interested in mentoring me through a (long-term) client project?

I'd like to meet you 2 to 3 times per week and have a voice/video chat for 15-30 minutes to discuss progress/roadblocks.

Where the project is at: I've learned and crafted something that kind of works over 3 to 4 months in Django. My learning mentor says I'm in a very good place with Django, especially for how quickly I picked it up! 😊😊

Now, I need to finish this thing in terms of...

1. clean up code as I go along,
2. add more tests once I feel things are in a ready-ish state,
3. determine what's essential for a first public release,
4. work on 3 until we are in a place to release.

I'm coming across a lot of firsts too. I want to do them well. Here's probably where you come in quite frequently -- anchor me on the pieces that are new.

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