Would be interesting to read more about your experience with OSM. At least here in germany the quality is pretty good. Still I prefer google maps, due to its great integration with public transport and user reviews. Never used apple maps because I never owned a mobil apple device (and people say it is inferior to gmaps).

@ghost_letters I haven't used OSM a lot. I did try out its navigation once and that left a lot... to ask for. Apple and OSM seems to be of comparable quality here, with OSM being worse off (?).

Google Maps is simply too good.

@celia @ghost_letters i’ve used OSM on Android and here in Bangalore, it’s surprisingly good. i was able to navigate to just about everywhere.

@celia I too have contributed a lot on Google Maps, but they too don't give a reason for the edits not being approved. Never used Apple Maps, but from what I heard from you I'm not that excited to use it either. It would have been great if Apple invested in Maps the same way as Google did.

@celia I have mixed feelings on the topic. I get wanting to be a good human and crowd source fixing stuff that you know to be wrong. That's a cool thing that more people should be inclined to do. My problem is that Google and Apple take your work, that you're providing for free and it goes into making their proprietary software better and they now own the work you're doing. Arguably, they're making money off your free work. I say if it helps you then it's worth it but ugh.

@obsolete29 I agree in theory.

I do get a kick out of helping strangers and using a democratic tool to achieve that. 😅

Google amazingly has given me offers and discount codes for stuff because I contribute more than the average user. Does that account for what they get from me? Who knows.

@celia @obsolete29 You could contribute upstream from OpenStreetMap, as Apple (actually, all the big names) pull from there and combine it with their own data from other sources. In fact, OSM has been charging the big names a fee to keep them going and because they pull disproportionately from their services. Smart move.

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