@metabolist puts out , downright my favorite Mastodon client ANYWHERE.

So sad to see development stop. Anyone wanna pick it up? We could pool some money and fund it back to a single maintainer.

@metabolist The project: github.com/metabolist/metatext

Announcement about its development being stopped: mastodon.social/@metabolist/10

A scratch-pad to write donation amounts if you're interested in sending it to someone (a volunteer iOS dev): semestriel.framapad.org/p/pool

Let's do this. 💪🏼

@celia @metabolist oh i’ve been using metatext too. had no idea its development has stopped. wouldn’t mind tossing a few bucks to whoever picks it up.

@x Noted. I would love to collect $100 in promised donations and speak to someone who does iOS dev to fix some critical issues that we could decide based on votes.


@celia @metabolist I’d be happy to put forward a $5 USD/month donation

@uoya Tbvh, I'm looking at a one time lump sum donation. The idea is to hire an iOS freelance/hobby dev who can fix a few issues and get a new release sorted for $X.

We still need to talk to @metabolist and figure out if they can make time to coordinate a release, if not work on the app itself.

@uoya I actually did get in touch with @metabolist but haven't heard from them. My guess is they simply don't have the time anymore, but I hope at least a release is possible with another iOS temporarily working on a few bugs.

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