Huh, just 1 unfollow so far. Maybe isn’t as far gone on the spectrum as I thought it was.

Ugh. So heavy. Wish I had gotten the 13 mini.

@celia i bought the 13 mini, and i’m super happy with it. the biggest reason for the switch was the screen size (5.4”). it’s unfortunate that there simply isn’t an android phone smaller than 6”.

the battery life is great actually — lasts me 2 days on a single charge. granted i probably don’t use my phone as much as the average person, but hey. and re: the 60hz thing, it’s not a dealbreaker for me. again, primarily because i don’t use my phone as much, heh.

@x I heard similar sentiments about the battery from another friend. I'm not convinced it would survive my doom-scrolling onslaught, GPS navigation, and so on through-out the day. 😅

I do love the mini size. Which is why I said it'll probably be my next iPhone. I hope they still make them years later.

@celia @x I got the 13 mini for the same reasons. Since I have it, I only had to charge it twice in a day once, and I basically used it as a ticket/COVID-cetificate scanner for an event for more than 8 hours straight. I really love the form factor (I have really small hands for an adult)…

@celia i too am not a fan of big phones. I currently have the 2020 SE, which is fine. When i come to renew, I’ll likely get a mini also.

It’s nice Apple realise that many consumers don’t want a “phablet”.

Is this the start of your slow evolution in to all things Apple, like I did??😁

@celia just to add, i have an 11 for work and i feel like that’s borderline too big. Not sure how that measures up against a 13 mini…

@kev @celia if you’ve owned a nexus 5 before, the 13 mini has the same footprint, only with smaller bezels.

@kev > Is this the start of your slow evolution in to all things Apple, like I did??😁

I can…neither confirm nor deny. 👀

@celia Hey! Loved your blog post 🙂

Just one thing I wanted to ask. You briefly mentioned in your blog "Between Google and Apple, I trust the latter more. Relatively".

Why not go for a Pixel device with CalyxOS instead?
( ). Had you considered it as an option?

@celia I post regularly about Windows and Apple devices. There are a lot of people who use them as a matter of pragmatism.

@nathand Right? It just feels like they don't speak up as much.

Maybe there's nothing to speak up about. :P

@celia I think it's difficult to be a purist on either side of the debate. People need to work, and for a large majority of those folks, supporting, interacting, or otherwise being involved in "regular business" means dealing with the big three.

@celia I bought an iPhone for similar privacy reasons.

From a technical point of view, a small phone, that fits in my pocket, has a decent camera and is not too expensive turned out to be... iPhone SE 2.

@avolkov @celia for me i got it for the support lifecycle - the 6S has received six years of updates, whichh is great because i plan to ride it out for as long as possible (not a big fan of phones)
@avolkov @celia (well, i bought a 12 mini, but the 6S getting six years of updates is unheard of)

@celia Is there an option to disable network access for any particular app in iOS?

@brooklynbridge I’m not sure. I think you can only disable mobile data access, but not Wi-Fi.

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