I quit . Here's my thoughts on what I went to look out for next.

@celia Nice to read your blog after a while.
Welcome back.

I too tried budgeting via an app, but spending time daily just to enter my transactions was too much. I gave it up after an year.

@celia i geekcrush on @jlongster in general & haven't tried it but i fully expect Actual budget to be pretty damned good. a free passion project.

@jauntywunderkind420 Yeah I tried Actual as well. It's still too expensive for what it offers and development has been slow to say the least.

@celia have you tried ? It takes some time getting used to but I really like it. Powerful and clean. Comes with hledger-web for a GUI interface though I haven't tried it much. also has two apps to interact with ledger files.

@yarmo @celia looks nice, thanks. I would be uncomfortable to share all my detailed financial data with some online platform, tbh, and it looks like #hledger let's you keep full control and I like the too.

@celia you forgot the best part about using a spreadsheet. they're infinitely flexible!

@celia interesting. What is your opinion on the likes of kmymoney (been using it fir more than 10 years) and gnucash?

@kaduardo Still requires manual entries for it to work…

@celia I used OFX to import transactions from the bank but still needed manual entry for everything else. I guess I just got used to the workflow.

@kaduardo Banks in India are notoriously bad. OFX is a dream haha. But I get it.

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