New side project. ✨

Moving away from , I think. Going to use , , and to build a sync between two apps I use.

No . No . No . Keeping it simple. It's going to be just for my use anyway.

Also going to take it real slow. Like, real slowwwwww.

Day one: be able to connect to both the services via a personal access token and render a Jinja2 template with my name from each service. 🚀

@jle I've tried it a couple of times, and it's just really clumsy to use.

I also don't want to self-host more things at this time. 😅

@jle Curious - does it offer a bank sync? Somehow?

@celia I think so. I don't use bank sync though. Bank sync would just show "Amazon", "PayPal" everywhere 😅

@celia No problem, just wanted to suggest it in case you didn't know it 😄

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