Do you tinker with tools (your computer, self-hosting, side projects, blogging etc.)?

Do you do chores around the house every day?

Oh jeez, been a week already? Forgot to boost this. :(

@celia I have 4 kids to keep up with. So a lot of chores.

@celia I'm usually only automating things that don't need automating :p Or else it just start feeling like work.

With 2 young kids, it's most definitely heavily leaning toward chores for me. I rarely get time for side projects and tinkering these days, which is why I'm constantly looking to simplify my hosting stack.

@celia Pre-pandemic, this would have been pretty evenly split for me. But we’ve pulled our 2yo out of daycare again as the local case counts are getting bad (again), so for the last month or two it’s been almost all chores, grabbing what little time I can for tools.

@celia Was that just supposed to make me feel bad?😂

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