📔 New blog post! Slightly bigger one today.

Spent a few months on — here’s what I miss on / .

@celia how? How exactly you survived few months on Windows?

One thing I cannot stand on Windows is the file manager. It just does not fit my workflow and cannot be customized. Dolphin is simply way better.

@celia In GTK apps you can press Ctrl+. to open the emoji picker. Doesn't work in non-GTK apps (browsers, Electron apps) unfortunately.

Not sure whether the data's live, but GNOME Calculator does seem to do currency conversion for me? I can even do it from the launcher.

...which all isn't helpful now that I got to the end of your post and see that you're sticking with Windows, but maybe it's helpful to others :)

@VincentTunru @celia

Oh, and one question: What are you missing in the existing calculator? Is it just not pretty (enough)?

The example you posted can be done as well in Financial mode. Currencies are updated weekly by default, but you can change it to daily if this is a concern.

@celia I too miss Amazon Prime HD playback from Windows, but now I've learned how to live with that. Maybe after WhatsApp launches standalone apps for multiple platforms (currently in beta testing) you'll be able to video call on GNU/Linux.

It's nice to read your blogs even after you decided not to continue with

@celia among the shortcomings you have written, some have solutions and some are drawbacks of gnome not linux.

* Volume level - KDE plasma offers granular volume adjustment down to 1% you can set it whatever you want.

* Clipboard image preview - Default clipboard manager in KDE plasma has image previews

* emojis - meta + . brings in emoji picker in KDE plasma, I think gnome too has this.

* currency converter - Just press alt press to summon Krunner and type $5 to get the INR amount (1/2)

@celia (2/2) For batch image resizing there is Openresizer and Converseen I have not used them personally but they seem similar to the screenshot you shared. imagemagick wins of course :)

Regarding the need for video call. Good people at Free Software community of india are hosting which is a jitsi instance you can run from browser. that might help a bit.

P.S. This might sound a bit ranty or rude, but gnome is just a part of linux and not = linux there are other options as well.

@raghukamath Short of it: I find KDE very hard to use, GNOME just gets out of the way, out of the box.

Emojis at least in GNOME do not work out of GTK apps.

Good to know KDE does better on some of these fronts, as I tried Fedora KDE just two days ago (before only settling on Pop!_OS) and it looked a little bit promising for the first time in years.


Hey, not sure how you change the volume so it has only so few levels. I counted it here using the recent PopOS and had 17 levels.

Anyway, you can configure whatever level you like as described here:

The dconf editor can be installed from the store. I tried it and it works instantly. So if you can spare like 2 mins the 'problem' can be fixed. :)


Regarding the resizing of images see:

I used gimp in the past for this purpose, but using this nautilus plugin is much easier.


Regarding the clipboard manager, it probably depends on what you need. There seems to be a bunch of of them and they do support pictures and much more stuff.

I tried CopyQ as described here

However, I never missed such copy stack so can not say if it is a good clipboard manager or not. You have to try it yourself.


Last but not least, the Emoji feature you reference exists since Ubuntu 18.04 and works in GTK apps only. No guessing required.

Again, there are a lot of options for having emojis. See

I tried the Gnome extension and works for me.

@celia I must have been away too long, but since when are you on ?

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