So...I'll be trying out again.

10 is still installed, like always. just feels like home.

Let's see if I can make it stick.

Trouble #1 - flatpak Bitwarden won't install.

Trouble #2 - It's not easy to figure out what is community maintained and what is official between snap and flatpak packages.

Trouble #3 - Fn+PrtScr actually toggles airplane mode. The other function keys work fine. 😭

@celia I really want to try PopOS at some point. The tiling window management + GNOME sounds great. The gnome-shell extensions I've tried haven't made me happy enough yet.

@Greg @celia

The tiling wm is really great. Once one knows the basic shortcuts it enables really nice workflows.

@ghost_letters @Greg Yup, it's probably the best Linux OS in terms of compatibility for me right now. Have been using majorly since 18.04. 😅

@celia I love PopOS - have been using as my daily driver for 3 years. Hope you like it too!

@funnylookinhat Oh I love Pop OS! Since it's 18.04 days. :)

My gripe is with Linux as a whole. Clipboard manager and an emoji input should be first class. Amazon Prime doesn't stream in HD. And little niggles like that.

@celia Yeah thats my one critique of flatpaks. Sometimes I am not sure if the app is officially supported or community maintained. I havent had issues with Pop os and installing bitwarden tho 🤔

@celia as per, AppImage is the only official distribution for Linux 🤷🏽‍♂️

@artfulsodger Yup, just saw. They also list snap, but not flatpak. Installed the snap. :D

@celia maybe I'm weird but i don't like to install apps with flatpak or snap. most of my applications are apt packages (from repo or manual) and appimage.

@celia I never had use for the desktop client, since the browser extensions do the same and I need those anyway. 😉

@ghost_letters My mistake. F1-F12 behave differently to the two keys adjacent to them (Esc and PrintScreen).

Had this thing for 4 years and never noticed. 😅

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