Any *personal* recommendations for a decent course on for and ?

Target crowd is... someone who's not a proper beginner, but not a professional dev either.

(or any course anywhere that's *affordable*)

@celia despite not being the question itself... I suggest to go for FastAPI instead of Flask.
I am working with both and we are migrating / replacing Flask usage everywhere we can.

@trangu This is for a super small team. The API only approach is not necessarily a "requirement." Flask will help learn across the stack better.

@trangu If they want to, they can later move on to FastAPI themselves. :)

@celia it sounds like a plan... and thought it thoroughly =)

@celia suppose not - depends what you're after and how you learn. It worked for me - I was dipping into documentation and working on a project at the same time.

Here's are the videos put into categories: -

And here is his website. Seems to have courses on there - but haven't checked them out so can't advise:

@minkiu This looks very interesting, thank you!

@minkiu @celia I second Grinberg! Not video tutorials, but this is how I learned Flask. At that time I had decent experience in Python, but didn't do any professional web dev.

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