@celia if it helps, here's my Bunny stats for August:

4.63GB bandwidth, ~280,000 requests and 77.5% HIT rate.

I was charged $1.

@celia maybe this will help more. We use Bunny for Fosstodon too. Here's the August stats:

1.27 TB of bandwidth.
13.25 million requests.

We were charged $13.75.

So unless you hit the front page of HackerNews for the entire month, you won't get hammered with a large fee. 🙂

@kev Holy shit. Now THAT puts me at ease like nothing else lol.

$12/month it is. That is totally budget-able. 😁

@kev @celia Wow! Thats cheap! i wonder how hosting costs would change for other federated apps...peertube funkwhale etc.

@celia @kev your posts make me want to shift to wordpress lol. Any guides to code my own theme?

@thatayush i wouldn’t bother. There’s so many great ones out there - i personally recommend GeneratePress.

However, if you do want to do your own theme, I’d recommend Underscores as the starting point. It’s what I’ve used when I’ve built my own theme in the past. It’s great.



@celia I also use BunnyCDN, except for a slightly different purpose.

I got frustrated with how slow remote content was loading on my Pleroma instance, so I setup BunnyCDN in front with Pleroma warming the cache.

Anytime Pleroma sees a remote post with media, it immediately fetches it via BunnyCDN, and then the next time I refresh my feed, the media is pulled from the cache.

The result is remote content loading near-instantaneously!

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