I always end up thinking this is the scrollbar -- whereas this is the blank space to scroll into!

Just me?


2001-2007 was peak scrollbar era.

Just look at those things that you can grab. Pretty *and* functional.


@celia I still think the NextStep UI beats everything else, even 25 years later.

Didn't know about Xerox's inverted scroll buttons - wonderfully weird. 😄

@celia @tychi I really loved the Vista/7 design. Gnome design also makes sense to me today. Have the corners rounded just a little bit and everything is very clear.

@celia @tychi My favorite of these is Mac OS X Lion 2011. (Gnome has a similar setup also). It does show what part is a scrollbar and what is a background with minimal assets thanks to the curved edges. That's why it doesn't share the same problem as the Windows 10 one.

The 1991 System 7 one does give me a nostalgia kick though <3

@esi I think OSX 2011 is good agreed, but could do better with a higher contrast and more...color.


@celia @tychi System 8/9 was my favorite. Though that Windows 95 one has my eye. Nice and clear. The Vista one is great because of the gripy bit.

I hate the iOS/Lion ones. So hard to tell if you can scroll.

@nathand System 7? Before I even existed? 😁

Agreed though -- Vista is by far the best for me.


@celia Yeah, I was a System 7 kid. My school had some ancient Lisa-era Macs around. Which is to say we had it better than a lot of places, I'm sure.


@tychi I love. Want some part of TLP to use this. ✨


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