Just paid $2 to get the new OS.

Holding pay what you can to its spirit. 😁

@celia im gonna be switching i think. I was looking at the app developer docs and wanna get in on trying to build some nice tools.

@david Ngl, I think the app ecosystem will eventually pull me in. Just waiting for choice and quality to mature. :)

Not using it as my main right now, but I know I likely will one day.

@celia 👏👏👏 I’m donating $1 per month to the project and have the OS on my spare/only personal laptop. 💻

The pay what you want method is great.

@matt Absolutely. I might use it as a spare too sometime.

I'm using Windows at the moment, and not looking to shift. But it was a little token of appreciation for their work on Odin.

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