Anything that beats @ $50/year for custom domains (at least 6), and , import/export, and full data retention?

Single user, just multiple domains, btw.

Normally, it's quite unlikely I'd use the web mail/UI. So of course, proper IMAP and SMTP uptime.

And no Zoho Mail please. For ethical reasons.

@celia I switched to Zoho for my personal email in early 2017. What's wrong with Zoho?

@celia I mean, O365 Exchange Online for a single user runs in around $48/yr USD. Multiple domains, etc.

@nathand Hmm, I'll check it out. Would prefer to support a smaller player though.

@celia Granted. I haven't found any smaller players who compare. Fastmail is great, though it's been ages since I used them. has those features, and it's certainly cheaper, but less easy to use. also looks neat, never used that one, though.

@stujr Full data retention is an extra $40. :(

@stujr Yeah $50/year is too much as well, but I'm willing to pull it for the right deal.

@celia I wouldn't either that is a ton of money $90 crazy

@celia interesting to see you dislike zoho, since some people here use it. I too find them a bit sketchy but, idk I just have personal email

@jcromero Sounds like there's a limit of 50 and I get bumped up to 36EUR/year.


@celia @jcromero if you want custom domain names you need the 3€/month tariff anyway.

@jcromero AFAIK that's the old tariff, they have new ones now

I think you have been offered to keep your old plan or switch to the new ones.

@celia also plus-aliases do not count towards the alias limit. I don't know if that makes any difference :)

@dyamon @celia It could be that way. I'm customer since one year now.

@celia I'm using Fastmail. I haven't found something cheaper that checked all the boxes. I am not 5 years in and can't leave!


I like, it has experimental CalDAV/CardDAV support AFAICT which can be seen here :

The webmail is Rainloop and it doesn't offer JMAP unfortunately if it's something you care about with Fastmail.

@lionirdeadman I am on Migadu. Not happy with the pace of things. Expected better once they went pay-only.

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