Hmm. What do?

@celia If you have the means I'd say go with a one-off, as it will obviously be worth it in the long-run! And if you don't need a solution quickly, you could still save ₹950/month until you reach 4,990 and end up saving anyway

@Little__Ham Yeah, makes total financial sense. Just wondering about Affinity. Never used it before, never seen it in use.

@yourhero Hiya, I used to use GIMP but I want something easier and more pleasant to the eye now.

@yourhero @celia yeah and there was an addon that makes GIMP's UI to look like Photoshop. I always recommended it to newcomers. But I can't remember the name now.

I'd avoid both Photoshop and Affinity since both of them are proprietary software. Instead, you can use multiple free (as in freedom) solutions and donate something to those free software projects. That way you help to make them even better.

Anyway, let me say that I know a few people that uses GIMP and Krita professionally

@celia I would endorse @yourhero 's suggestions.

(Disclaimer: I only occasionally work with photo editing and drawing)

I have used both Photoshop and Krita and I find Krita no harder, if not easier for an absolute beginner to get started. I often see all the hate for GIMP, but Krita is often recommended as a free tool among artist communities, who I expect not to be foss enthusiast (which means they chose it because it's good enough).

@celia i am on photoshop and lightroom, my subscription ends sometime in december and deciding to go for Afinity photo on my iPad then.

@celia I really rate the Affinity stuff. I use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Only for lightweight stuff, but even this dumb head can get to grips with it.

@celia Computer software as a subscription is, IMHO, never a good idea

@celia Any thoughts on Darktable and Krita, Shotwell or GIMP?

@celia I use digiKam for photo organisation, darktable for developing from raw and gimp for all sorts of photoshop-like edits (for which Krita could be used as well). No need to pay for anything and not missing anything.

Note that darktable has changed dramatically in the past two and half years so old tutorials are a bit outdated. On the other hand, the online manual received a lot of love and it's basically enough to look just there.

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