Never use htaccess dot files. Who uses Apache anyway lol.


@celia millions. i use apache since last centory and it works'n'works'n'works. but i understand you. it was the same for me as i had to use nginx the first time. bashing is so useless. tomorrow, nginx is old. it only helps to learn it. you can't tell customers you can't install software because you don't know the webserver or force them to change the platform. they offer the same interface, do the same, are exchangeable. a is not better than b. this is how it is and it keeps it interresting;)


@DigitalInfinity dang. took it too seriously eh?

yeah, i hear you. caddy is still mysterious to me for anything non-trivial and frustrates me.

apache is beginning to make a little bit of sense.

this was more of an unhinged vent lol

@celia maybe ;) maybe i read a little bit of me in your post - better dont ask me what i think about docker ;) press the thumbs you dont have too much headache and maybe some day even like apache :)

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