Considering selling my 4. Bought from w/ 32 GB SD card.

Barely used. Thought I'd self-host, that isn't happening. Thought I'd do other things - also not happened yet.

Selling for 75% of purchase: ₹4320 plus whatever shipping is.

DM if interested with location and offer.

@celia will you be able to sell it in your area? Tried to sell mine here for identical reasons but I gave up. Decided to just put homebridge on it yesterday instead. We’ll see how long that lasts.

@chris Highly, highly doubt it. I'll also try this tech forum that I am aware of. But I have little hopes tbh. Gotta try, still.

Homebridge looks cool but I don't own anything in that area, so.

@celia gotcha. Good luck. I have a thermostat and an alarm system that will work with homebridge so it seemed worth at least messing with for me. Something tells me this experiment will only last a few weeks before it goes back in a drawer though :/

@chris Yeah, just so much hassle. :ablobcatcry:

Good luck to you too. 😅

@celia you're welcome. I hope you can sell it soon.

PS: actually I was surprised with your case with your Raspberry as it's very similar to mine -- never used, never happening.

@ademalsasa Haha, yeah. I guess we're not alone. @chris finds himself in a similar situation.

@celia @ademalsasa Ha. Yep. One of those “this sounds like it will be really handy for [x] project” purchases that never really panned out.

@chris you are right.

Yes it happened to me too. I even had two units of Raspberry Pi 3. I could not use it just because I didn't have HDMI displays. Now I had a HDMI display at house but I either somehow cannot afford to buy a HDMI cable or somehow lost all desires to use Raspberry Pi. Ah, I hope I find a way.


@ademalsasa @celia the best laid plans of mice and men…

.. or something like that, lol

@celia if you end up not selling it slap some pihole on it! Should do you good enough with ad blocking!

Used to run an old office pc (sempron 145, 1core cpu and 2 gigs of ram) until it died, then saved up for a pi4 and bought one last month 😅

Add a hard drive + freedom box & sell as a working unit.

@Horizon_Innovations Well, if it doesn't sell, that's what I'll do with it eventually, someday. Backup @ home.

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