Writing a new blog post that might never be published. It got me thinking about how one would handle this.

To perform an action, the o key is used, which lines up nicely with the word open. I use the kbd element.

Are they OK like this? Should they be separate?

Not a good look for Google (to be fair, when is it ever...)

I installed on and there are no voices available out of the box.

To get voices, apparently you need to compile the browser yourself? chromium.googlesource.com/chro

did the trick. The text was (as guessed by @benjaminpaikjones) being read as s, ave.

There was no distinction between kbd and paragraph, though.

Testing on might be the next to-do.

Alright. on Windows works out of the box. Using the kbd element actually broke it! A list with 4 sub items was being read as a list with 2 items, because the first letter in the third sub-item was a kbd.

Then, while reading text, there was no announce whatsoever about the `o` key being a keyboard input. It would pause, read o, announce "list item" to say now the list item was being read again in continuation before taking the pause for `o`.

To me, it sounds like this is a waste. I'm definitely gonna have to just spell it out in the blog post instead of hoping semantic HTML does the trick.

@benjaminpaikjones @celia +1. More specifically, how does a screen reader read that? (Pretty sure it does read kbd elements.)

@dubiousdisc @benjaminpaikjones Yeah, that's what I was hoping someone would know. 😅

@celia @dubiousdisc I'm guessing it says something like "O Pen", which isn't totally incomprehensible 😂

But the only way to know would be to test it out with one.

@celia Yes, even <em>, <strong> and <s> are usually not announced by screen readers. You can (and should) use semantic HTML, but you shouldn't rely on it being announced.


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