Wondering if someone will eventually use by @dumpsterqueer to build a personal website based on .

Project link:

@celia Thanks for sharing it. I might take inspiration to improve the ActivityPub implementation in my blog software. 👍

@celia I hope to integrate it into my personal website rather than building a new one on top of it.. but will see, indieweb was an adventure, and bridgy is very convenient but I love to try, if time allows.


@jk @celia @dumpsterqueer

integrating >>> building anew

gives the author a chance to see more use-cases. that's how I'm going about my site rebuild for indieweb things too

@jalcine @jk @celia tbf GtS is not really meant for replacing a personal website, though I hope it could provide good blog functionality (plus the usual microblogging stuff). I'm now packaging it myself as part of a larger project ( - very early development), so I've got my eye on integration atm....

@dumpsterqueer I sort of envisage a few organisational views on my site which integrate with existing views, essentially running a script which calls the API and writes new gts posts to static files, and also ties in interactions in the same way.. it maybe outside of my skillset but I think I'll eventually get there.. and if it works how I imagine it might, I probably won't need a separate pixelfed instance etc. I may have some questions along the way but for now I'm enjoying watching you develop this exciting app! Good work! @jalcine @celia
@dumpsterqueer @jalcine @celia parakeet looks great, you'll soon be the main contributor to my email inbox at this rate!
@jalcine agreed, getting webmentions working was a challenge but a worthwhile one (although they only theoretically work on my personal site, the semi-anon one linked to this account works very well), I love the idea of integrating read only timelines into a similar workflow, if I can. @celia @dumpsterqueer
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