What would be like in 2021 if never achieved its mainstream status?

No wrong answers.

@celia yet another niche protocol with a smattering of semifinished, usually crappy clients and servers, and two or three of them are supported best relatively; meaning the majority of anyone who actually uses it are most likely on those servers or using those clients.

If Masto never went mainstream I’d say it would be the exact same for activitypub but with even less people.

There’s a reason Masto is the top dog: it doesn’t suck to use or host, and it replicates familiar use patterns.

@celia A niche protocol. I'm not sure if Mastodon meets the criteria for mainstream though, since most of the population haven't even heard of Mastodon.

@crappo I intended Mastodon to be considered "mainstream" within the ActivityPub realm.


@celia there would probably be several versions, or interpretations of the standard. The implementors spending a significant amount of their effort, fighting the other ones for being 'insecure', 'bad for privacy', 'poor for performance' or some other, mostly hypothetical technicality.

All that effort is not spent on improving clients, or servers, running instances, getting users on board, and raising funding.

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