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Sometimes I don't want to add someone to my phone book to start a chat with them. Here's what I use.

@celia Nice idea. I don't use web thing on my machine. Similar to web.wp... there is api.wp... I use that on phone. I think I will just create something similar for that. Firefox on Android doesn't seem to support such bookmarks though.

@bhavin192 @celia same, I was unable to use the link, the popup is there but it opens the WhatsApp website

@joeligj12 @bhavin192 Yeah, I don't use this on mobile. I generally have my laptop around and on, so not a biggie for me.

What do you use for mobile?

@celia @joeligj12 Right now I have bookmarked the URL and I add phone number to it before visiting that site. I gives option to launch WhatsApp.

@bhavin192 @joeligj12 Ah that makes sense. Are you OK for me to update the post with credits to you? 😊

@celia @bhavin192 I actually added the URL to the keyboard dictionary, a few letters and the suggestion appears. I used your original code and changed "web" with "api"

@celia sure, feel free to do that, then I will just bookmark your post and use it 😁

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