Does anyone here highly recommend 'Digital Minimalism' by Cal Newport?

@celia curious as well. I thoroughly enjoyed his Deep Work book.

@yarmo @celia (we did a Slack-based book club for Digital Minimalism and most people hated it)

@dajbelshaw @celia oh ok, good to know. Not interesting or just very predictable/shallow?

@yarmo @celia Just kind of pointless advice as far as I remember. Fine if you're a university professor, I guess.

@celia I thought it was ok. Worth a read, but nothing in there really groundbreaking.

@celia @dajbelshaw the title contains about everything you need to know from the book.

@adamprocter @dajbelshaw Oof, that's harsh but alright. Probably not worth ordering a paperback then.

@celia Deep Work is a better book, but I enjoyed this one. Doesn't tell you anything you don't know already, but helped to put some emphasis on the reasons why.

From my notes: "It’s a good book and there isn’t a lot of waffle in it. It isn’t anti-technology, it just reminds us that we are the masters of our own time and need to take responsibility for how we use it."

@dajbelshaw @adamprocter

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