A look back at May. Sorry, I can't be bothered with a nicer excerpt. ✨️

Day 029 of .

@celia Nice to see that I inspired you 😊 Keep up the great work! 👍

@celia I love reading monthly reviews. It's so easy to look at an online account and assume the person behind it is perfect. It's reassuring to see that other people also get excited about stuff like writing a PR for a typo.

Of course, I've never written a monthly review. It's on my bucket list, though...

@binyamin Personally I think those who do not count typo fixes as "real" PRs are exclusionary in nature. At the same time, if the PR is just to qualify for something as in Hacktoberfest, then, yeah...

@celia Always great to read your experiences and decisions on tech. ⚡

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