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I left the JAMStack and IndieWeb in February 2021. What am I feeling three months later?

@celia Glad to hear it's going well for you. Weirdly hard sometimes to not let your tech stack take priority over your mental health!

@celia My psychology professor always said "less is more". In this respect, it sounds like a very healthy decision to do less tech and look after yourself more.

@celia Should you ever wanna “come back”: it sure is possible to do “WordPress + IndieWeb” (yes, even without a truckload of plugins). Oh, and WordPress theming is about to change _a whole lot_.
But more importantly: technology is only a tool.

@jan Without a truckload of plugins? I'm listening. 😲

@celia Haha! I use the IndieAuth and Micropub plugins, simply because I prefer Indigenous (on Android) over the “official” WP app—wouldn’t need them otherwise. And, well, I did write my own Webmention plugin (GitHub only, for now) because I thought having to install two plugins just to get webmentions to display properly went a bit far. But that’s it. Microformats are added by a couple child theme functions (and, for things like `u-*`, by either the Micropub plugin or “by hand”).

@celia (I do use a Custom Post Type, too, for things like “notes.” Had this in my theme, then a site-specific, “must-use” plugin, and eventually offloaded the CPT definition to a custom plugin for use on multiple sites. Plays nicely with Micropub. But, again, _optional_.)

@celia an interesting piece, thanks.

Been doing everything on the JAMstack for more than 3 years now and personally don't miss the .NET and WP days.

It's true though that a lot of time can be spent on build tooling and making things (like comments or search) work for static sites that they're usually not capable of.

@ttntm Nothing against JAMStack - I just think for a personal site, it can be a bit much. Especially when you want to just write and not constantly mess with the tooling and dependencies. WP gets out of the way given my constraints. :)

Eventually, I might even circle back to JAMStack for paying clients once I'm done getting this Django project sorted out. Who knows?

@celia I don't regret hacking together a custom cms for my blog with a backend

@hjertnes I didn't either, until I did haha. It did get me a couple of interviews while I hunted for a job last year, which I'm sure I otherwise wouldn't have.

So there's definitely pros and cons.

@celia sure, it's all up to what's needed for a size at the given time 😉

That's also one of the really cool aspects of the freedom of working on the web IMO - so many different approaches that we can use.

@celia this is a great post, Ru. Thank you for sharing your journey. It seems so similar to my own and really makes me wonder even more about some of these techs.

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